I wish somebody'd stay with me
Guide me to a better place
I swore on my soul when I was released
This time I would change my ways
Oh but deep inside I knew
That the hurt in my soul would'nt keep
Another day

And I'd need all the angels in heaven to see me through

So I'm hitting the old highways
For choices I'm told I made
By Armani suits in High Courts
Just trying to shoot
[Down] my hopes
[Down] my dreams
[Down] my Liberty

Verse 2:
The man I called dad was there for me
Till I was two years old
Mama was torn between the bottle and home
She thanked me for the things I stole

Oh the sticks and stones that broke my bones
In foster home and jails
All the friends I made
In the games arcades
Were never around to post my bail

Peddling half truths I can't afford