She had all it takes
Blood in her veins and a patriot's heart
Trained, to stand up and take part
To die for our liber - ty
Oh and you'll say It isn't easy, it isn't easy
To live free
So come on baby dry your eyes, her name's

Written on a block of stone, yeah
Written on a block of stone
A shrine to war, or an exit clause?
Written on a block of stone
Let's rally 'round the flag boys
Lest we forget the words are sworn, and written on a block of stone

Sign on the dotted line
You'll fight to defend our democracy
Put an end, to violence and tyranny
Or to tow some party line
Oh while wheels turn
It's not easy, it's not easy
Seems like we never learn
Well cold hard cash won't keep you warm

He'll come home one day
Brought home to rest, medals on his chest
Tears; We'll hear 'Taps' played
His name on a block of stone
Oh while deals were done
Both sides say they won
But my sons have paid

Who votes for those
Who wield the sword
For everything?
And ask for God's blessings?

They took all she had
The plans in her head
The twinkle in her eye
Blood shed, God only knows why