Write That Story

I wonder where she's going with this
It's starting to feel like a goodbye kiss
She's bleeding words, and I'm bleeding for real
She's talking up the future, but right now is what I feel

She's holding my face in the palm of her hands
Moist eyes begging me to understand
She still believes in fairytale ends
Out there's a prince with a magic pen...

To write that story
To right whatever's wrong
To write that story
Thought we had a song
Worth singing on

There's things that we all tend to forget
Nursing little hurts we've kept in closets
Speak with your heart, say what you will
I'll hear you better than anyone else ever will

What price do you put on a loving embrace?
From someone who knows every line in your face
Every sigh in your body, every faltering pace
There's hills over yonder, but this is the place

We'll write that story
Re-write what feels wrong
We'll write that story
The storyline is strong
It's where you and I belong

We all have our dreams but we hold them in check
Waiting for circumstance to shuffle the deck
The roles we're cast in, have beautiful lines
I missed a few cues but we can improvise

Chorus (variation):
Let's live that story
Rewrite what feels wrong
We'll write that story
Honey you know what I'm saying to you

Let's see it through the end (repeat)
If I had 9 lives I'd live them all with you
Let's see it through the end
Let's see it through the end
And the story line
Will be yours and mine
And we will find a way
To the finish line
I see your heart and mine
On the last page
Turn the page
Let's see it through the end
Let's see it through the end

(c) 2009 Gerard Rozario