I see you're hanging out again
Standing out there in the rain
With your hand out
Nobody wants to know you
They're all scared they know you
From somewhere
I bet you've never seen - so many strangers

But there's one in every crowd
Who'll stop and hear you out
He's got nothing better to do
He'll offer you a dime
He's scared there'll come a time
When he'll be in your shoes
I bet you've never seen - so many strangers

You inherited the earth
Thought it was'nt worth
A God-Damn thing
You found that money talks
So now you're throwing rocks
At the sky
Bet you never seen so many strangers

But I'm right here at home -You need no other love
So come on home babe - Before they come gunning for you

You found new things to hate
Thought that would compensate
For getting stuck in a groove
But the prince of peace is war
So you better sharpen up your claws
Before you make another move
Yeah, I bet you never seen so many strangers

Strangers - Distance themselves from your pain
Strangers - Blank eyes just get wider
As you step out of the rain they yell
Back Off - You look too strange

A little piece of me - must still haunt your core
So dig a little deep babe - we had something you know

Don't go looking for friendly eyes
You ain't in friendly skies
And no one's gonna call a truce
If you've still got the flame
Turn around - bring it home - use it to claim
Back your youth

You had your dreams...
Or did they have you?