I'm on to you

I woke up feeling wasted
Sipped some coffee that tasted
A little fiesty, a little too full of beans

My first thoughts spluttered and caught
Then conked out again
As I slowly lost the plot

But things picked up later when she called me
Though I couldn't recall
Giving her my number at all
But hey, that's a minor detail

Oh I miss those times
When I felt so alive
When my thoughts had so much sting
I had to keep them in a beehive

But now I'm not afraid of life
I'm terrified!

Beautiful city
I could get lost in you
Close my eyes,
I see girls and cartons of beer

With your indigo eyes
And your Indie smile, I'm on to you!

So I'm trawling through recent memories
For a name
I recalled sharing an ale
And a bottle of bourbon
In some joint out there in
Suburban Brisbane

I told her I didn't hate her
When she asked me if I still loved her
And she burst out laughing
Delighted.  I loved the sound of her laughter

With storm clouds thundering in
Lightning Crashes on the radio
I can't help wondering
What the hell else am I gonna say to her
Should I just cut and run?

Now I'm standing at the bar
Thinking serious thoughts
Like should I buy another beer
Or a Tequila shot?

Oh it's a far cry
From the Prince Of Wales in 76
But the VB's are cold
And the waitress is cute
The barmaid's looking better by the minute

I got enough dough for another round