Minnesota Sun

It cuts right through me as she turns and waves
I'm dying like the Minnesota sun
As winter's nearing and the shadows play
In skies filled with birds on the run
And I wish that she would just turn back and say
Come along with me for the ride
But all I heard was a gull's cry
And the cold sigh
Of the waves

Autumn-winds whisper - she's not coming back
Tracks fading like the sun
Springs just a memory that cuts like the wind
Teasing and tearing at, and weakening my will
To not call her or follow her or wallow in the depths of this swill
I'm pinned like a photo on the grave of a loved one

God I loved her and the spell she cast
a rock in a great ocean of sand
Summer was fading when I realised that
now she's off, to conquor new lands

All I had to do was call out and say
'Don't go' and she would have stayed
Still, I had to ponder just how long we'd last
If she stayed only because I asked
So I wiped the sorrow on my sleeve
And I watched her leave

Stars burn brightest in dark empty skies
You can't hold back the tide

(c) 2009 Gerard Rozario