Cyberspace Blues

Everything's floating in cyberspace
My future love, my past disgrace
I got a billion emails last year
From the bible belt to Nigeria
I'm on every list that exists
I get searing pains in my wrists
Dying kids needing money
Girls waiting to be kissed
Winning lottery tickets, rants from raving bigots
Gotta tell you man, I'm sick of it

I got 19 passwords memorised
Flashing pop-ups attack my eyes
G-Mail accounts come bundled with angst
As spam like a river breaks its banks
And speaking of banks, they keep pestering me
To get online or pay more fees
They sell rewards &  Gold cards, if I let down my guard
Porn sites in Russia will be milking my credit card
I pick up a phone, call for help, get a drone
Punch Numbers, hear A rhumba
 Start screaming - 'Leave me alone!'

Once upon a time i used to ride a bike
Climb high mountains take the dog on hikes
Now the mobile has a kitchen sink
And myspace is home
It's i-this and i-that, and the highways a phone
Supersized or minitiarised, can't quite decide
Are they pushing? Am I pulling?
Is there nowhere to hide?
My doctor says the next visit will be online
Is it a waiting room or a chat-room?
Is my ass digitally signed?
Worms and virus’, fibre optics, and plastics
Nibbles and tuples, bytes and bits
Let me tell you son I'm sick of it

When my system starts working I'll be forced to upgrade
'Stay with what you got sir,' they say, 'but be very afraid'
Everybody's playing catch up, nothing's free
Cause money's in charge
And we're all consumers or commodities
Small wonder I'm still at large

(c) 2009 Gerard Rozario