Grandpa's coming over soon, to teach me guitar
We might go fishing in his boat
Always got candy in his pockets
Nothing comes with strings
Tells funny stories when I'm bored

Grandpa's now a memory, and I got new friends
One of them's just got a jet ski
I'm heading south with his folks, down where the 59 ends
The excitement's making me dizzy

Oh and I'm feeling it
Yeah I'm feeling it
And it's sweet
Oh yeah I'm feeling it - Anticipation

Mum says if my grades keep up, she'll buy me a car
Grad's coming up pretty soon
Picked out a convertible, down at Hickey's garage
Had my license since June

Now I got a thing for Jo Gaines, she's kinda easy on the eye
Haven't quite worked out what to say+
Go on pick up the phone dude, cos time's a ticking by
Those lips could be yours come saturday

Going down to Bourbon
To kick up my heels
Before I start working in Queens
Last night I sat in with a blues band on Beale
Took the dawn train to Orleans

Getting there's half the fun
Sometimes all of it
Life's a journey
A bumpy, crazy, joyous

Oh my heads a spinning, I'm all needles and pins
It's the best feeling in the world
The pains are coming and going as the countdown begins
I'm kinda hopin' it's a girl

(c) 2009 Gerard Rozario