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Don Adams
Tribute to the man! He who played - nay lived - the part of Max in Get Smart.

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Home page of Nambour High School


A song about Anglos - tongue in cheek!





 Family Photo

(L-R)  Julia, Pix, James, Rodan, Luke, Charmaine and Liesl - Nambour Apr 2009.

  • They came from everywhere: around the Cape of Good Hope, and over the Western Ghats, leaving safe havens in Ireland, Wales, Portugal, and India, finally crossing the Great Dividing Range to what is now home. But the journey is not over...


To all who went before us, who charted such breathtaking courses, inspired us, and defined who we are - a tip of the hat.

Nambour May 2004

Gone, not forgotten ...

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Charmaine ran into the half century fence, in critical condition.

Julia left for UK again Jul 17, 2014

Luke tied in knots, June 21, 2014

Rodan buys land with NBN in Nambour, 6/2014

Luke buys flat in Brisbane, 6/2014

James wins school captaincy 2014

Julia leaving for UK - 12/2013

Liesl moves to Brisbane 8/12/2013

Julia turned 21 - 12/2013

James captain of Primary School in 2014!

Julia finished at SCU - 11/2013

Luke at UQ - 2/2013

Liesl and Rodan graduated SCU 4/4/2012

Pix last gig with Miss Leading 11/2013

Liesl back from Canada - Surprise! 11/2013

USA - here we come!

Rodan started new job 2/2012

Fang Dango arrived 2/8/2011

James turned 9

Luke off to Canada - 19/7/2011

Liesl turned 21

Julia acquired a boyfriend. %$#!

Julia got her license! ('Amazing' - - Harry Hoo)

Rodan off to Melb for annual Anzac Day pilgrimage

Liesl turned 20. wow.

Julia started at Maccas, her dream job.

Julia on front page of local paper. We're so proud of her :)

Woombye Pub accepts $900 govt chq on Liesl's behalf

Family together in Melb again after many years (for Monica's 50th)

Luke has a new job and line of work.

James comes first in cross country. Says he 'Couldn't believe it'.

Julia kisses a lot of ass to become School Captain for 2009!

Liesl has a license to kill/drive. She's now looking for a convertible to maintain her tan

Rodan confident of Bombers Grand Final win in 2009. Say all previous losses due to corrupt referees.

Pix has entered the Thunderdome - that's a Tina Turner revue


Construction site - please wear hard hat and wry smile.

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